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Intro to Flow Yoga: Online Series

7 weeks of online practice. Pre-recorded Classes to learn flow demand

Consider joining us for this peaceful, powerful intro to yoga flow series. Each week classes are pre-recorded and emailed directly with a link for you to tune in and practice on your schedule. SoundOnYoga founder Molly is on the road for the month of March, and she's inviting you for a virtual vacay! Each week for class, Molly will take you to her most cherished natural landscapes from her home town in Australia. Here she will share the basics of slow Yoga Flow (perfect for those just starting out or returning to a practice), stretches to release tension and stress from Winter, and learn some fun facts and information about Australia's rich biodiversity throughout this 7-week series. Learn the basics of Flow Yoga, in this beginner-friendly 7 week online yoga series, recorded in beautiful natural landscape of Australia. Variations and modifications will be offered to suit your range of motion and level of experience in Asana practice. In this series, you will: - Take a virtual vacay with classes filmed in natural landscape of Australia. - Be guided through a 1 hour Flow, learning a peaceful introduction to Yoga Flow, infused with core work, and sprinkled with fun balancing postures to practice in the comfort of your own home or office. - Deepen your knowledge and connection with one on the world's most rich and diverse natural landscapes. - Flow on demand! Time difference can be tricky, so classes are pre-recorded so you can roll out your mat and build your practice when it suits your schedule. (Weekly class offered via email link each Saturday. We can't promise koala sightings but possibly a kangaroo and some unique Aussie bird songs to accompany your flow! CLASS: Yoga Flow: Beginner-friendly class. Great for those just starting out or returning to their practice. BLUETOOTH HEADSETS We recommend connecting your bluetooth headphones for a fully immersive Yoga experience, tune in to instructions and sounds of Australia's nature. COST: - 7 WEEK SERIES: €50 Note: If purchase is made after our start date (5 March), your 7 Class Series will commence from the date you made the purchase. (For example. If purchase date is on 2 April, then your 7 Week Series will commence from 2 April) SHARE YOGA LOVE! Spread the love! If you share your experience, please tag @SoundOnYoga and #SoundOnYoga. LOCATION: Connect straight from your living room or work space.

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