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The Evening Practice

Meet Molly on Zoom 10 days of Evening Practice to form healthy habits to cultivate deep rest.

10 DAYS OF EVENING PRACTICE. SIMPLE. EMPOWERING. EFFECTIVE✨ NEXT 10 DAY SESSION: MONDAY OCTOBER 2 - FRIDAY OCTOBER 13 WEEKDAYS FROM 20:00 - 20:35 ON ZOOM The Evening Practice is a space to support us all in various life phases to tune-in, reset, and take really good care of you. A grounding, nourishing & calming evening practice to cultivate healthy habits for winter months Together, in community. For thousands of years humans lived together, in community. Not just in cities but next to each other, but in rhythm with the cycles of nature. Evening rituals of breathing, making tea, winding down in a truly blissful state. No mindless scrolling needed. We are all here to live on purpose, with purpose, and truly to help each other. To presence together. To focus our attention. To tune in to our bodies. To live into our inner radiance, purpose, peace and power. And equally, a space to arrive each day even when our bodies may feel stress, or our mind pulsing with .. intensity, excitement, or just the same old chatter. Each day we will practice simple grounding meditation and stretches, working with what IS, as well as cultivating our deep inner space. We will gently move, stretch, reflect on our day. In this practice you will serve yourself, as this time for you, and you will be connected to a community of people who are on the path of cultivating a level of love and presence that moves the whole world, truly. I look forward to seeing you for our first round of the Evening Practice in October. With love, Molly

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