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Where wireless headphones meet Asana, we come together to create immersive Silent Disco Yoga experiences & memorable events.  We are all-levels, all bodies, all ages. We vibe high on rooftops. We Flow free in festivals. We seek Samadhi on beaches. We move, we groove, we Flow, we GLOW. We are connecting in both energies & spirit, lifting our frequencies to vibrate higher, together.

Join our socially-distanced yoga sessions to reconnect with your mind and body! These open-air classes promise to lift your spirits and re-energise your soul. MELLOW FLO...
Summer Sessions - Ghent
Gather your family and friends for the perfect COVID-safe SoundOnYoga activity to bring your bubble together! ⁣ Set-up is so easy and we can "pop-up" anywhere! Beaches, ...
Summer Bubble Session

Above: Night work conference event with SoundOnYoga, Belgium


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