VIBE HIGHER: Wireless headphones meet Asana

With SoundOnYoga's unique experience, physical and mental sensations of Yoga are magnified through wireless headphones. Carefully curated beats keep you Flowing along with the instructor's guidance to your ears, the headphones simultaneously tune out outside noise, allowing you to completely focus inward, pay attention to your own practice, Pranyama & movements. Get immersed in the pure physical wellness!

SoundOnYoga creates magical combinations of immersive Silent Disco Yoga experiences & memorable events.  We are all-levels, all bodies, all ages. We vibe high on rooftops. We Flow free in festivals. We seek Samadhi on beaches. We move, we groove, we Flow, we GLOW. We are connecting in both energies & spirit, lifting our frequencies to vibrate higher, together.

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Doxtudio, Dok-Noord

BRANDWEER STEUNT BRANDWEER Brandweerlieden sterven terwijl de branden in Australië in alle hevigheid woeden. Het huidige bushfire-seizoen 2019-2020 in Australië is het e...
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Above: Night work conference event with SoundOnYoga, Belgium


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