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Give the gift of Yoga to your employees and bring a new Yoga concept to your workplace. 

Not only will it benefit the health of your colleagues and employees, it will also help to improve their ability to perform and stay focused through out the day. We here at SoundOnYoga love to see employees transformed after a short practice and ready to take on the rest of their day. From smaller to larger groups, we offer customized classes from Vinyasa Flow to chair Yoga and simple guided meditation. SoundOnYoga brings Corporate Yoga to the next level!


To book or inquire about corporate yoga classes, events and rates, please contact us directly via our contact form below.

10 Reasons Why Employees

Love SoundOnYoga! 

1. It reduces distractions and gets you in the 'zone'
Eliminating outside noise, headphones allow employees to completely focus on their Yoga routine. Relaxing music plays in their ears, bringing them further into the 'zone' and allowing each participant to fully experience the benefits of Yoga at work.

2. It helps you hear the instructor clearly

The headphones are a wonderful connector between employees and the voice of the instructor, creating a 1-on-1 Yoga experience for each individual.  

3. It is a great team-building experience
Passionate about creating harmony and synergy within the work environment, we often incorporate light-hearted and fun partner activities at the end of class. This stimulates a positive work-place energy and employees build a sense of trust within their colleagues.

4. It is designed for the office

Designed to assist with prevention of injuries within the workplace or office, classes focus on opening the chest, shoulders and hips, techniques to reduce stress and build mind-body awareness. 

5. It’s the latest trend in yoga and fitness training

Whether a beginner or experienced Yogi, your employees will love trying this exciting new concept. Add some positive vibes to the workweek!

6. It is the perfect office energizer 
A healthy dose of SoundOnYoga is the perfect pick-me-up to help employees power through that mid-afternoon energy 'slump' at the office.

 7. We come to your business

SoundOnYoga is fully mobile. Whether it be located in the office, a spare conference room or even the rooftop of the company's building, we ensure that work-life balance stays convenient.

8. It is practical feel-good Yoga

No chanting or unfamiliar Sanskrit, our classes are structured to be feel-good, memorable and accessible for every body, every age, every culture and everyone. 

9. Set up is easy

No matter the location, we ensure a smooth and easy set up. This allows participants to move hassle-free from their Yoga practice and back into their day.

10. You choose the music

Soundscapes range from invigorating nature, to deep house vibes, to old school hip hop tracks! Employees are given the unique opportunity to vote on their preferred music theme before each class.

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SoundOnYoga specializes in teaching corporate Yoga for companies all over Belgium at any location.

We are fully mobile!

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