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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



Without prejudice to the application of any special conditions included in a written agreement, these general conditions apply to every offer, quotation, invoice, purchased online ticket/class pass or agreement between SoundOnYoga (Ondernemingsnummer BE0760781490, Molly Henderson, Kruisstraat 28, 9031 Drongen, Belgium) and its Customer (the “Customer”). In the event of any conflict between these terms and conditions and any separate written agreement, the provisions of the written agreement shall prevail. By the mere fact of the order itself, the Customer accepts these general terms and conditions. Acceptance of these general terms and conditions also implies that the Customer completely renounces the application of its own general (purchase) terms and conditions.



SoundOnYoga offers regular Yoga sessions as well as private workshops/events for individuals and companies. Tickets for regular Yoga sessions are offered and sold through For private events for companies and individuals, a quote is prepared in advance. SoundOnYoga undertakes to conduct all Yoga sessions, workshops and events carefully and to the best of its ability.


3. VALIDITY QUOTE PRIVATE WORKSHOPS/EVENTS The validity period of quotations issued by SoundOnYoga is thirty (30) days from the date of issue, unless expressly stated otherwise.





The agenda of all regular sessions is always visible on The prices of both single sessions and class passes are always mentioned here, as well as the validity period of the latter. Single tickets or class passes can always be purchased online with PayPal, Bancontact, Bank Transfer or Credit Card, as well as the option to pay cash at the start of each session.


4.2 PRIVATE WORKSHOPS/EVENTS (BASED ON QUOTE) After the quotation has been signed by both parties, an advance of 30% of the total amount must be transferred within 30 days of receipt of the quotation (end of validity) in order to definitively reserve the session(s). After execution of the session(s), the Client will pay the remaining amount within thirty (30) days after receipt of the invoices. In the event of delay, a default interest of one (1) percent per month will be charged by operation of law and without notice of default, and this for each month already started, as well as a fixed compensation of ten (10) percent of the outstanding amount as compensation for the collection costs with a minimum from €50. All invoices can be paid by bank transfer to the account number stated on the invoice or quotation.

5. USE

SoundOnYoga remains the owner of the used products (Wireless Headphones, Yoga mats and Yoga blocks).



SoundOnYoga will endeavor to ensure the accuracy of its duties performed in the context of the Yoga session(s).


7. LIABILITY. The Customer fully indemnifies SoundOnYoga against any claim, complaint or procedure by a third party against SoundOnYoga as a result of direct or indirect damage caused to persons or goods as a result of the application or use of SoundOnYoga's products. SoundOnYoga cannot be held liable for errors (minor or serious), if those errors arise from the performance of the Yoga session(s) by SoundOnYoga using their wireless headphones.


8. DAMAGE-LOSS-THEFT. In the event of damage, loss or theft by the Customer or persons under his responsibility (festival participants) of the rented products (wireless headphones, Yoga mats and technical setup), the Customer must reimburse the costs. In the event of loss and/or theft , the cost for 1 wireless headset is 50 euros, 1 Yoga mat 20 euros, technical setup 2000 euros (including MacBook Air Laptop, Wireless Transmitter wireless headphones, Wireless Microphone receiver Sennheiser, Mixing console and cabling). In case of minor repairable damage, the cost is a minimum of 30%, a maximum of 60% of the original value, depending on the damage incurred. In the event of irreparable damage, the products must also be fully reimbursed for the above amounts applicable to theft.



Regular sessions can be canceled or rescheduled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the sessions. This can be done both via the site (in case of booking with a class pass where you can move the session yourself to a later available date), or by contacting us via or via 0470591563. In some locations there is no indoor backup. If the weather conditions at these locations cannot continue due to rain and/or wind and/or cold, the session will be canceled by SoundOnYoga at least 12 hours in advance. Registered participants will be notified and given the opportunity to either have their ticket refunded or move the session to a later date. In case of medical reasons, each session can be canceled at any time.

9.2 TERMINATION OF PRIVATE WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS If the Customer terminates the agreement, cancels the order or if the agreement cannot take place due to the fault of the Customer, the Customer will owe compensation for 30% of the total amount. With the exception of government-imposed complete cancellation of the event to limit the spread of COVID-19. In some cases, free cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before the start of the session.

10. GENERAL With respect to the services/products provided under this agreement, SoundOnYoga is deemed to be an independent contractor and not an agent or employee of Customer. SoundOnYoga is not authorized to make any representations or undertakings of any kind on behalf of Customer nor to represent Customer or take any steps binding Customer unless expressly provided for in this agreement or those for which Customer has given written permission.


11. PHOTOS AND VIDEO RECORDINGS During regular sessions, photos or video recordings are sometimes made. So there is a chance that you will be photographed or filmed. Visual material created by SoundOnYoga can be published at any time on its website, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, SoundOnYoga can also use the visual material for other promotional purposes and publications, including portfolio, advertisements, social media, magazine articles, in printed matter, exhibition material and demonstration material. By making a reservation via you agree to the processing and use of these images by SoundOnYoga. If you do not wish this, please inform us in writing via


12. APPLICABLE LAW. AUTHORITY. This agreement is governed by Belgian law. All disputes arising from the conclusion, implementation, termination and/or interpretation of this agreement that cannot be resolved amicably will be brought before the Courts of East Flanders, Ghent division.

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